man installing lawn edging product

easy install

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

Step 1:

man digging along lawn edge with axe

Prepare Area:

  • Dig a trench approx. 4” deep
  • Tip:  Soak desired area in advance with water for easier installation or wait a day or two after a heavy rain to install
  • Tools Needed: Shovel or hand axe

Step 2:

two men placing lawn edging separating rocks and grass

Place Edging:

  • Place the edging and work each end down to required depth
  • Tools Needed: Rubber mallet

Step 3:

man hammering joiner on lawn edging product

Secure Edging:

  • Use pins and Simple Joints to secure and connect edging pieces
  • Tip: Use a flathead screwdriver to help drive pins into place and root the edging
  • Tools Needed: Rubber mallet and screwdriver